Office Manager

The Inner Harbor Project is seeking a full-time employee to serve as the office manager. This individual must be ready to jump in from day one to support the organization’s day-to-day management. This individual must see oneself as trustworthy, extremely flexible and capable of taking on the complex set of tasks necessary to support an innovative, fast-paced nonprofit. This individual must be adept at collaborating with high-school aged youth are uniquely integrated into IHP’s leadership structure.


Responsibilities include managing day-to-day operations of the office (filing, ordering supplies, routing mail, banking), managing human resources (maintaining paperwork on insurance and payroll), reconciling the organization’s income and expenses in QuickBooks, supporting the company’s principal (meeting scheduling and travel plans), maintaining social media presence and website, coordinating visits with press and donors, as well as assistance managing marketing and events (including promotional materials, fliers and mailings). This position requires an individual who is passionate about the mission of the organization and deeply committed to organizing the day-to-day operations.

IHP is looking for someone with the following skills and interests:

  • Knowledge of the role of an office manager and executive assistant and a desire to work in that role
  • Comfort and accuracy with numbers so that the person can work closely with the financial advisor, payroll company, and Quickbooks
  • Strong computer skills and the ability to master new software and troubleshoot systems problems in conjunction with IT support
  • Familiarity with WordPress, Squarespace, Twitter and Facebook
  • Ability to create and maintain promotional materials as articulated by the principal
  • Knowledge of Quickbooks
  • Interest in supporting youth-led change

Job Responsibilities

  • Answer phones and direct calls
  • Function as an assistant to the director, scheduling meetings, assisting with communications and correspondence, and undertaking special assignments upon request
  • Order and maintain office supplies
  • Maintain weekly list of goals for organization
  • Sort and distribute incoming mail
  • Maintain office files
  • Update website (wordpress and squarespace)
  • Manage social media (facebook, twitter, blog on website and
  • Manage mailing of thank you notes for donations and other fundraising duties
  • Reconcile bank account on QuickBooks (monthly)
  • Assist in coordination of all aspects of the organization

Job Requirements

The selected candidate will . . .

  • Possess the appropriate demeanor to interact with politicians, city officials, donors, and other key stakeholders
  • Be comfortable with the Macintosh computer platform
  • Be extremely meticulous: detail oriented, organized, and will take initiative to improve office procedures
  • Have a good head for numbers
  • Possess skill with the Microsoft Office Suite – especially Excel and Word
  • Possess the ability to spell and write grammatically and syntactically correct e-mails and letters
  • Be flexible and eager to take on new tasks
  • Possess strong time management skills and be able to work independently
  • Have strong communication skills



  • Interest in the significance of public spaces and urban sociology
  • Experience working with teenagers


To apply, please email a résumé and cover letter to Celia Neustadt at Please note: all applications must include a cover letter to be considered. In your cover letter, please include relevant management experiences as well as an answer to the question, “Why do you want to work at the Inner Harbor Project?” Preferential treatment will be shown to applicants who display knowledge of The Inner Harbor Project’s impact and mission. Please, kindly, do not call the office to inquire as to the status of your application.



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