Celia Neustadt

_DSC7613Celia Neustadt is the founder and executive director of the Inner Harbor Project.

Like many of the Inner Harbor Project’s youth leaders, Celia attended Baltimore City College  high school. Growing up in Baltimore City, she was exposed to urban disparities at a young age. Celia attended Pomona College in Southern California and received her B.A. in Sociology, with a particular focus on community-led research and public spaces. She assisted on community-led research projects in Ontario, CA and served as a research assistant at Johns Hopkins University, where she contributed to public health research which has been used to advocate for more comprehensive health services for poorer Baltimoreans.

Celia launched the Inner Harbor Project after winning a grant from the Napier Foundation in 2012. Since its launch, the Inner Harbor Project has employed 40 teenagers, who have conducted more than 50 focus groups with stakeholders in the Inner Harbor. In 2014, IHP announced five initiatives based on its research and began its formal partnerships with the Baltimore Police Department, the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, and the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore.

Motivated by a lifelong love of Baltimore City and a belief in the power of youth to change their own circumstances, Celia considers herself the facilitator of this project, bridging the gap between disenfranchised young people and the urban powers-that-be to build a more peaceful, inclusive city.

For the media: Contact

Profile: Making Waves: Celia Neustadt ’12 channels teen power for Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Op-Ed: Preventing another Ferguson in Baltimore


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