Code of Respect


Why Respect?

The Inner Harbor Project’s youth leaders spent four years researching and analyzing the origin of tension in the Inner Harbor. During that time, many themes emerged, but one word kept coming up over and over: respect. Teenagers, police officers, merchants and visitors all emphasized that tension arises in the Inner Harbor because conceptions of respect differ. The Code of Respect — a set of guidelines that aims to sustain a positive vibe, a sense of safety, and a feeling of trust between everyone in the Inner Harbor – will be posted in strategic places to ensure that everyone has the same idea of what respect looks like.

Why Now?

A year after the Uprising of April 2015, the national lens is back on Baltimore. In this moment, we can change the narrative about what our city is and can be. Baltimore can be a model, exemplifying the profound transformation that can occur when respect becomes the basis of all the interactions we have in all the spaces we share.

Read the Code at

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