Support the Peace Ambassadors

The Inner Harbor Project has 25 Peace Ambassadors, who are responsible for spreading positivity among teenagers at the Inner Harbor. Peace Ambassadors have been selected for their leadership potential and their ability to be change agents among their peers. Peace Ambassadors are present in the Inner Harbor on Friday and Saturday evenings from 7-9 pm during the summer time. They are also on call for weekday evenings if there is an event that draws teenagers to the Harbor.

The Inner Harbor Project plans to significantly grow the Peace Ambassadors’ presence at the Inner Harbor this year. Every donation helps us expand our impact. We have very low overhead, so your donation will not go to paying for our rent or internet fees.

The Inner Harbor Project is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Contribute Here

Sponsoring a Peace Ambassador:

Consider sponsoring a Peace Ambassador. If you are a group of individual or a business interested in directly supporting the work of a youth leader, you can sponsor a young person for $4000 a year.

Find out more.

CNSVideo: the Peace Ambassadors in action (Capital News Service)

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